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heART Journaling Classes

heART journaling is the ultimate exercise in creative self-care. The goal is not to create a work of art, but this class simply uses art to hug the heart and tap into emotions and feelings. No prior art or journal writing experience is necessary. Must be 18 or older to participate. In a series of weekly lessons participants will learn how to use images, color, art materials and written words to express themselves. Art can help to acknowledge and shift heavy and negative thoughts, feelings and actions into a place of empowerment and positivity. Art journaling has been scientifically proven to help achieve a more balanced life. If you want to improve your well being in a lasting and creative way, then this class is for you.

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Youth ART Classes

Our youth art classes are a great way to instill confidence in children. We provide a judgement free space where children are encouraged to do their best and always keep trying. We believe that this process will help them grow their skills. Classes meet for 1 hour weekly. Classes will include grade appropriate guided and from the imagination drawings, storytelling, and writing. We will also explore various art materials, techniques and subject matters-like History and English. For this class we encourage students to use whatever supplies they have around the house.

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Private art activity for groups

We facilitate private art activities for groups. Since the IMAGINariums philosophy is that if we can IMAGINe it, then we can most likely create it; all you need to do is contact us and together we will come up with an art activity to fit your occasion. You set a date and time and invite the attendees. We will lead the group in a fun and creative activity. We have designed art projects for bridal showers, birthdays, girls night, girls scouts and team building to name a few. Some past activities have been: vision boards, jewelry making, card making, mixed media canvas workshop, journal making, papercraft project, and our popular ART-firmations workshop.