Tina Riley


About Me

At Tina Riley IMAGINariums we facilitate art events that transform, inspire and empower women and children.

I have always loved ART. I am an artist, but I wasn’t always an artist. In college I suffered an unfortunate debilitating injury. Leaving me wheelchair confined and bed ridden. During the several years of my recovery, I rediscovered my childhood love for art and crafting. Which has led me to my desire to bring ART to every woman and child I can.

What We Do


— Art Classes

We are committed to instilling confidence by providing a judgement free space where anyone is encouraged to do their best and keep trying. We believe that this process will help them grow their skills.


— heART Journaling Classes

The ultimate exercise in creative self-care. This class uses art to hug the heart and no prior art or journal writing experience is necessary.

Impact Stories

My experience at Tina’s art journaling class is truly wonderful! Because Tina creates such a loving and supportive environment and clear direction as a leader, I am able to express myself in ways I didn’t realize I could. I find that being in a group is a wonderful way to share with others while taking my own self-expression to the next level.   Hope H. Little Rock, AK

Imaginarium’s Therapeutic Art Classes engage and stimulate the resources of your mind to regenerate positive energy in facing life’s trials and challenges. Definitely a “Do-Over”.          Lauren S. Ambler, PA                          

Tina, you are a gift! Thanks so much for helping our unique adults at ExpO – Expanding Options find such powerful affirmations and leading them in such a fun and tremendous way!!! You rock beyond words!!! Some were very apprehensive about doing ‘art’, but then said how much they enjoyed it afterwards!! Thank you!!!                                     Joyce M. Dover, DE

Tina’s art is colorful beyond measure and creates both delight and relief to the viewer. Some of her animal creations are filled with such whimsy that I feel as if I have already met or desire to meet each character. Tina’s words of accompanying inspiration always hit the spot at just the time when I most need it!                                                                        Anonymous