An exciting announcement!

Hello,we here at IMAGINariums are so pleased to announce that our owner, Tina Riley, has been chosen to be a designer for the Helmar Creative Team.

Hello,we here at IMAGINariums are so pleased to announce that our owner, Tina Riley, has been chosen to be a designer for the Helmar Creative Team. Perhaps you are wondering what the heck is a design/creative team? Or maybe you are not familiar with Helmar. Well first things first. In many arenas, and in this instance, art world; companies or individual artists solicit makers to become a part of a creative design team to make art or crafts using the company’s products. Then those projects are shared on social media. Helmar is an Australian company that manufactures all types of glue, adhesives and glue related products.

Paper, and glue, and sharing-oh my! Tina’s very first project for Helmar is two no sew projects in one. It is a recycle project using Helmar fabric glue.

For more details and a step by step tutorial check out Tina’s project (s) on the HelmarCreative Team Blog.

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Featured guest on DelBlogger Podcast

We know folks had to watch the Superbowl during this podcast, so guess what? We have provided you with the podcast replay right here.

IMAGINariums owner talks with Antionette Blake, the DelBlogger, about what’s going on at Tina Riley IMAGINariums. She touches on family bonding, using all forms of art to make connections and there is even a dramatic presentation to kick off the Black History Month Celebration.

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New Year: Let’s make the old into something new

Some call it recycling, some call it up-cycling…we are simply doing what mama always did. Taking trash and creating a treasure by turning something into something else. During the month of January in the studio we are focusing on recycling. All our hosted classes have a recycle theme.

A stack of greeting cards re-purpose old cards
Recycle, reuse, re-purpose!

We are planning to recycle Christmas cards, old T-shirts, magazines, and paper towel rolls. We may even work some old broken jewelry into our projects. We have a special class for the kiddos too. Be sure to save the date: January 26th from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm. We will turn old T-shirts into fashionable scarves.

two girls working on making t-shirt scarves
Making Recycled T-shirt scarves

All activities are listed on Facebook and you can register at Eventbrite. So be sure to like and follow Tina Riley IMAGINariums on Facebook so you will not miss the happenings.

Signature-Tina Riley
Thank you!
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When my dog ate my homework he also ate all my pencils

At the start of the school year parents buy the number of pencils that is specified on the supply list. Some parents even have a considerable stash of pencils that they keep at home. Now when I tutor the children in my community, I cannot believe how many times they tell me that they do not have a pencil. Boy if I had a dollar for each time. I have seen some lovely highly decorated pencil cases though. LOL


Sometimes they dig and dig into their book bags only to pull out a chewed up nub little stump of a pencil with a missing eraser and a dull point. The point is dull because they also cannot find all the pencil sharpeners that the parents purchased along with the start of the school year supplies.

Which brings me to my gift giving every Christmas. I make up mid-year school supply packs for the children in my circle. No toys from Queen Teen.

Each year I use different items and themes


This year I made these cute pencil and eraser with skinny note pad stocking stuffers.

These are being sold at local craft fairs where I am vending.

Check us out on FB .We also accept orders on most items from anywhere in the continental US.

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